You Only Have One Liver: Liver Detoxification

The effects of toxins on the human body are far-reaching. High toxic loads can affect the nervous system, causing headaches, confusion & anxiety, and even depression. Hormone imbalances and problems with thyroid function are also common side effects of toxicity in the body. Many illnesses like cancer, cardiovascular disease, auto-immune disorders and even chronic pain can be linked to accumulated toxins.

Did You Know:
  • The liver is responsible for the removing toxins from the body
  • Everything consumed is filtered through your liver
  • All metabolic processes are governed by the liver
  • The liver carries out over 500 functions in the human body
  • The liver is the only “organ” that can regenerate
  • The liver is actually a gland

Why detox your liver?

We are constantly bombarded on a daily basis with environmental toxins in the air we breathe, the water we drink and bathe in, and the food we eat. Harmful chemicals are everywhere, perpetually taxing the liver.

Benefits of Detoxification:
  • improvement of most health-related
  • conditions
  • decreased inflammation
  • improved nutrient status
  • improved metabolism
  • disease prevention
Top 10 Foods for Liver Detoxification
  • green leafy veggies
  • garlic
  • grapefruit
  • green tea
  • apples
  • avocados
  • carrots
  • beets
  • walnuts
  • lemons/limes
Supplements for Liver Support
  • turmeric
  • dandelion
  • milk thistle
  • reishi and cordyceps mushrooms
  • licorice

Don’t know how to get started?

I can help you with meal planning and helpful tips to make your detox a joy! Ready to get started? Contact me!

Provided services and products that support liver cleansing & function:
  • hair analysis
  • medical-grade supplements
  • customized meal plans/recipes
  • high quality alkaline-water

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