What is wellness to you? Eliminating illness? Feeling good? Being fit and trim? My philosophy on wellness is “moving towards a better quality of life, no matter where you are right now.” This process begins with learning how to support your body with more whole, nutritional foods. It continues by finding a form of movement that you love doing, while doing more of the things that bring joy and harmony to your life. Wherever you are today, your wellness can be improved and balanced by cultivating a healthy outlook on life, in body, mind & soul.

At Living Balance Wellness, I am committed to supporting you on your journey towards your highest and best health. I offer a wide variety of holistic approaches to healing and wellness, including holistic nutrition coaching, meal planning, yoga classes, Reiki healing, and craniosacral therapy. You can learn more about all these services above in the “Services” drop-down in the menu.

About Jana

headshotMy mission is to inspire others to live healthier and happier through food, love, and motion.

Originally from Texas, Jana set roots in Arizona in 2003. During her many career paths in education, science, and environmental protection, she has also cultivated a deep appreciation for educating others about health and wellness and helping them to achieve their very best in health and in life. Jana left her previous career path and made the move to make her passion for health & wellness her life’s work. She became a certified yoga instructor and meditation coach, a Reiki energy healer, a craniosacral therapist, and a holistic nutrition coach. She is also currently studying to add aromatherapeutics to complement her other modes of healing and coaching for health & wellness.

Jana believes that the mind-body-spirit is a whole, rather than a sum of parts, and that all elements of the mind-body-spirit entity inherently seek growth and enlightenment. Helping others to reach higher and higher in their ever-evolving journeys towards their highest and best selves is what gives her purpose in life. When she is not helping others, she can be found camping, exploring, hiking, cooking, or gardening with her husband Andy and her dog Sadie, or enjoying her wonderful family of parents, siblings, children and her grandson somewhere on the North American Continent.

Jana is a certified holistic nutrition coach and also holds a B.S. and M.S. in the biological sciences.


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