Reboot Your Body Specials

I learned so much from my April cleanse this year, and I want to share that knowledge with you! As a holistic nutrition coach, I guide and gently coach those who are curious about cleanses but are unsure of where to begin and how to approach the process safely. If you are interested in a cleanse, or simply learning how to eat “clean,” I’m offering 2 options below, each is customized specifically for you. I always recommend talking to your medical practitioner first before undertaking a cleanse, or before taking on any significant dietary changes.

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Clean Eating Crash Course

vegetable-skewer-3317060_1920Clean up your eating! Learn simple substitutions for unhealthy foods, how to reduce cravings, and how to avoid the pitfalls of diets that just don’t work.  Eat clean to feel better, increase concentration, improve digestion and metabolism, balance the body, or release weight. Change your mindset and your thinking about the way you eat – this is not a diet! It is a shift in perspective about the way you think about food.

This course involves 4 – 60 minute sessions; the first session is an introductory intake and assessment.

Reset Remedy Cleanse


A cleanse is different for everyone, and not everyone is a good candidate for an intense cleanse. A cleanse can be beneficial to help detox your system of excess toxins that accumulate from eating processed foods, over-consumption, irregular eating habits, heavy metal toxicity, pollution, stress, and “heavy” or inflammatory foods. We will discuss your readiness and intentions for cleansing, and if a cleanse is right for you, I will help you co-create the right kind of cleanse for your body, at this particular time. I then guide you through the cleanse in stages, helping you make adjustments along the way to reach higher towards a greater state of wellness. It’s all about resetting your mindset and your palate and learning what works best for your body.

This course involves 3 or 4 – 60 minute sessions; the first session is an introductory intake and assessment. I offer daily check-ins and greater availability during a cleansing phase with a client, as coaching a client through a cleanse requires more planning, assessment, and coaching support.

Have questions?

Please reach out to me if you have questions about the courses and what they entail. I am here for you!